LETTER: Rural towns have been forgotten by Spring St

LABOR, the Coalition and the Country Party have all perpetrated policies that have targeted people living in regional Victoria with the closures of their means of transport and their connectivity with the stroke of a pen.

Since the 2014 election, the Rail Revival Alliance has been at the forefront of making passenger and freight rail transport front and centre of the election and will continue to do so for each subsequent election.

The ALP and LNP have both been derelict and negligent in abandoning regional people’s access to passenger and freight rail services.

What the electorate has seen since 2014 is both the ALP and LNP grovelling to win back the hearts and minds of the regional and country electorate and returning to regional Victorians what they were entitled to and what the ALP and LNP had taken away.

The 2018 election is no different with financially extravagant rail policies many of the policies are Melbourne-focused, rather than policies that are practical and realistic to fix up the mess they have created.

To replace passenger rail services with cramped coaches is a disservice to the people of regional Victoria.

The ALP and LNP have not served or represented the people of regional Victoria with any sense of confidence and trust.

Yet they resort to blaming each other, when in actual fact the statistics reveal that the ALP and LNP are both perpetrators of regional rail line and station closures.

Until the ALP and LNP exhibit the political courage and will to apologise to the regional electorate for their decisions denying regional people effective and efficient passenger and freight rail services, and for their undeniably atrocious policies to close rail lines and disenfranchise 25 per cent of Victoria’s population, they will continue their slide down the slippery slope of becoming politically irrelevant.

Scott Ramsay,

Rail Revival Alliance Victoria