LETTER: Australia needs a closer look at pollies’ expenses

LET’S have an inquiry into public servants’ and politicians’ expense accounts for conferences and travel and how hotels milk it for all it’s worth.

It’s so obvious that five-star hotels in places like Canberra, where politicians spend so much time and public servants do what they do, they milk the expense accounts for all they can.

When one stays in a five-star Canberra hotel as a mere part of the public the hotel costs are extreme and wining and dining is very costly.

This is where it is clear that charges fit expense accounts of public servants and politicians spending our money.

These costs/prices should be inquired into and compared to other hotels and locations.

The ACT is a money-spending machine with our taxes and the expanding of the War Memorial should be reviewed and a new location explored for the new displays.

Many ACT Government offices should be in regional locations.

Stuart Davie