LETTER: Concerns highlight vote importance

Last week’s water forum was inspiring to see so many people coming together with serious and deep concern for our river system, our life blood.

Hearing from Maryanne Slattery was a fantastic opportunity for our community and I thank the Australia Institute for coming all this way to explain their important work.

I especially thank Cr Ali Cupper for naming the “elephant in the room” and strongly expressing what many of us in the room have been thinking for some time: the corruption and greed of our current government in collusion with large corporations that has been killing the lower Darling River.

There is growing discontent in the community with all the information coming out about the level of influence that corporates have over our government. This is evident also in the rise in independent representatives in government.

I hope voters think deeply about the impact of their vote at this coming election and vote for meaningful change.

Deborah Bogenhuber, 


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