LETTER: Time for our health system to change

It’s time the whole health support system in Sunraysia was re-evaluated, and time we disassociated completely from a business-owned public hospital.

We are the only public hospital that is managed by a business in Victoria. 

It’s time our State Member stood up in Parliament and demanded Mildura be serviced by a hospital that is public and not business related. 

I was recently in the waiting room after hours at the A & E and one of the saddest sights I witnessed was a young mother with a baby in her arms walking out the doors to the carpark after a three and a half hour wait.

And this was Mildura’s after hours medical support – the only after hours medical support in Mildura – and the best we can do is a waiting list of many hours for a baby in her mother’s arms.

Shades of a third world country being acted out in Mildura in 2018.

This is an administrative problem and has no reflection on the actual staff.

Triage in A & E are trying to cope with the overflow of daily GP work requiring after hours attention, either in treatment or a change in prescriptions.

I too left the waiting room after four hours and 15 minutes, ashamed and disgusted with the after hours medical support at the Mildura/Ramsay public hospital.

I wonder if this pseudo public hospital ever keeps records of those who attend A & E, and leave after prolonged waiting, and in frustration go home to self medicate in various forms?

One day the bubble will burst in regards to Mildura’s after hours health services and questions will require answers.

Ian Felton,