Letter: Crisp has plan answers

CONGRATULATIONS to the “Healthy Rivers Healthy Communities” group and Cr Jason Modica on the Q&A forum held on Thursday night.

I attended the forum and, like many of us, am very concerned with our water usage and environmental issues. All state election candidates were present and all given time to provide their opinions and answer questions.

By far the outstanding candidate and most informed was Peter Crisp, factual, informative and able to clearly state The Nationals’ policy on the basin plan.

Given that the four candidates attended were fully aware of the subject and knowing full well they would be asked questions regarding the Murray Darling Basin Plan, it’s with disappointment that answers from independent candidate Steve Timmis included, and I quote: “I haven’t got a solution, I don’t have the answers, something’s gotta change?”

Independent candidate Ali Cupper responded to some questions with; if I was an MP I would talk to the best people, I’m not an expert, I’m here to learn, going on further to state that political donations from corporations should be banned? That’s just a bit rich Ali!

Then when Tony Alessi fielded questions, what did he do? He gave the microphone to Mr Crisp to answer the question as he had no idea of the answer.

Really Dr Alessi, you asked the guy you are up against to answer your question?

Tim Skiller,


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