Letter: Cupper’s claims about Nationals ‘misleading’

Independent candidate for Mildura, Ali Cupper, has made several claims about the Nationals in a Facebook post recently.

Despite running for State Parliament, Ms Cupper seems to be confused. Almost all the issues she talks about are Federal, not State.

Even then they are misleading.

She says the Nationals opposed marriage equality. Incorrect. It passed the Federal parliament with a conscience vote supported by a number of Nationals.

Resisted efforts to end cruelty on puppy farms. Wrong. The Nationals have a strong record of opposing animal cruelty. In relation to the puppy farms the Nationals agreed reform was required, but should focus on animal welfare outcomes rather than breeding numbers alone.

Denied evidence of live export animal abuse. Not true. The Federal Nationals Agriculture Minister was the first to call for an immediate investigation and then introduced sweeping changes.

If Ms Cupper wishes to campaign to try to win the trust of voters, this is not a good start. She should tell the truth and be fair, not choose selective quotes and post on social media with weasel words.

She may also wish to consider matching some of the fantastic pre-election commitments of our sitting member. Then again Independents can’t do this as they never form government and only rarely have the balance of power (once every 50 years), so they can only submit feel good wish lists that amount to nothing.

Ainslee Goodwin,


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