Letter: Glenn Milne should return to mayor’s role

The next Mildura Mayoral election is coming up in the next few weeks; Mayor Mark Eckel has decided to stand aside if challenged so the position is open. 

Let’s hope Glenn Milne stands as a contender. 

In his long tenure as mayor, Glenn demonstrated great leadership and maintained a well-run council. Yes, there have been ups and downs and errors in judgment, but that occurs in every council. At the end of the day, Glenn kept our council on an even keel.

Now the mayoral position will be opened for new blood. Running a council needs many attributes, the mayoral candidate must demonstrate a relationship and rapport with the people, which I think are sadly lacking in some cases of contenders.

My only observation is that over the years, our council has not bought enough pressure to bear on our local and federal members, relating to major issues of infrastructure within our community.

The position of mayor is not achieved overnight. It takes years to attain this position and develop a relationship with the public.

One must demonstrate a rapport and commitment to Mildura and a proven relationship with the people, and display wisdom and communication skills, skills that Cr Milne has built and demonstrated over many years.

Ian Felton, 


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