LETTER: Race to stop the nation should be held at Uluru

THE use of the Opera House as billboard for gambling is a bad look and should be rejected by all.

Even we, who like a punt, are sick of the way gambling is advertised and glamourised, and fed to all, and how young people are being enticed and lured to gamble.

Gambling advertising is out of control and must be reined back.

The hype around the Everest is too out of control and yet again Sydney tries to be the centre and feature of all parts of Australia. The stakemoney is too much, for too few.

Australia has an iconic race in Melbourne on the first Tuesday in November and high flyers compete with battlers and battlers often win. 

It is time a great country race in the Red Centre that is a contest of regional cup winners and call the race the Uluru.

Perhaps the Opera House should carry images of iconic Australian locations and not be a billboard for bookies.

Stuart Davie,


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