Letter: Questions remain over new bin services

I AM disappointed about Mildura Council’s decision to force the three-bin system on all ratepayers.

We don’t need one because our food scraps and green waste is composted at home and goes into our own garden. We never put it in the rubbish bin. 

The trial of the three-bin system was conducted in only the urban area and ignores the many ratepayers who live in rural areas. 

I would guess most people who live on blocks and farms put their green waste back into their own land or feed it to their chooks, in a similar manner to us. 

I wrote to the council and mentioned my concerns and the reply, from Matt George, said we would be “educated” as to how to use a three bin system.

He had missed my main point, which was that we don’t put green waste in our current bin but keep it for our own home composting system.

I have several questions which the council needs to address:

Why did the council website state “MRCC will be introducing a three-bin system in the next few years” before the council voted in favour of it at September’s meeting?

Why was the 2013 trial conducted only in a small urban area, not including a rural area?

If the council is saving $195,000 in EPA fees by introducing a three-bin system, why do all ratepayers have to pay an extra $55 on their rates?

Where is the composting facility? Is it in another region?

What happens to all the fruit fly infected fruit? Will it be trucked to a composting facility in another region to spread more fruit fly?

Why can’t we opt out of the green bin collection if we don’t need it?

Name and address withheld

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