Letter: More history to Bottle Bend’s recovery

IN reference to your story, “Wetland back from the brink” (Monday, October 1), I am disappointed that your recent story about Bottle Bend did not acknowledge all the work of the Department of Lands who initiated the land rehabilitation and management and consequently improved water quality of the river in the Bottle Bend region.

The story did not give any history of the rehabilitation of the land undertaken by the past managers of Bottle Bend. 

Without their efforts Bottle Bend would still be “on the brink” if not dead.

Department of Lands staff put in an enormous amount of work undertaking multiple projects like fencing, campsite development, land rehabilitation and watering programs.

Let us give credit where it is due.

It is a shame your reporter was not informed of the history of Bottle Bend.

Michelle Barth,

Gol Gol

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