Letter: Can we trust The Nationals’ promise?

Well I’ll be, the Coalition and Mr Crisp have promised a return of the passenger train to Mildura “but the coalition has not put a precise time frame on the train’s return to Sunraysia”. Why am I not surprised? 

This so-called 10-year plan depends entirely on the Coalition being elected and Mildura would be the last whistle stop in this plan.Why you ask? 

Simply because, would Mr Crisp ever stand up to his Coalition leaders? Is he a “yes” man? Now, again, I will ask Mr Crisp: is this return of rail a core or non-core promise? 

Mr Crisp seems to have the idea the voters of Mildura have memory problems. In the lead up to the election that the Coalition won and Mr Crisp held the balance of power in. 

He was on his soapbox vehemently promising the return of the passenger rail to Mildura back then and what happened? Absolutely nothing, as usual. No train and none of his other promises came to fruition either. 

Patrick Nunan, 


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