Letter: Sides aren’t important, but policy details are

Can the community believe The Nationals?

Make no mistake, if I believed that The Nationals will bring back the train that they took away, expand and return the hospital to public management, which they privatised and build an Alcohol and Other Drug rehabilitation unit, and build the Mildura South Sports Complex, I would vote for them.

And while they are being generous can they throw in some stuff for the other towns in Mildura electorate, like Ouyen, Sea Lake, Wycheproof, Hopetoun, Robinvale and others?

However can we trust them? Their history of cutting services, cutting education and privatisation is who they are. 

Despite promises of returning the passenger train, when the Coalition were in power they did nothing. Despite the previous education minister Martin Dixon being shown around our district and seeing first hand school buildings falling apart they did very little. 

Despite jobs and skills shortages in our region they decimated SuniTAFE and closed down many others. 

And despite selling the Rural Finance Corporation of Victoria (yes selling off public assets!) and telling us they had put money aside to upgrade our freight rail, they never delivered. No business case, no contracts signed – nothing.

The current Labor government didn’t make glorious promises before the last election, they just got on with the job. 

So come on Mr Guy, show us business cases, because we know no government project gets funded without a strong business case.

Show us details and timelines, so far there are none. Show us signed pledges by the relevant shadow ministers, including the shadow Treasurer. And then I will vote for you.

Jenny Gibbons, 

Mildura and District ALP branch secretary

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