Letter: NSW ‘more efficient’

I AM responding to the interview with Peter Crisp (Sunraysia Daily, September 20) where he alleges that people wanting to live and work in Mildura are being lured into NSW because accessing accommodation is “easier over the river”.

For a start whose fault is it for this occurring? This is very strange coming from a person that was raised in Dareton then later had three businesses on this side, a fruit block in Dareton, one in Curlwaa and a milk run that was the only one able to supply milk to shops/supermarkets exclusively this side of Sunraysia.

He got rid of these to stand for the seat of Mildura, and it is very odd hearing him go on in this way about the area where he grew up, but then I daresay that he has to appear to be doing something for Mildura. 

Mr Crisp further states that “Mildura is a border town, and there is a different state and a different local government on the other side of the river”. Well I’ll be! Thanks for the geography lesson, Peter.

Really when it comes down to it, Mr Crisp, if the MRCC is too slow approving all the areas with the potential to be opened up for housing, then of course people are going to go where approvals are handled far more efficiently – the NSW side and the Wentworth Shire Council.

Patrick Nunan,


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