Letter: Crossroads’ owners did right by residents

I WOULD like to respond to the article concerning the caravan park at Crossroads.

I was a resident at the park for approximately two years and along with other residents was given information late last year about the possible sale of the park to Aldi Supermarkets. 

The owners of the park kept us up-to-date with information as soon as it was available to them. When the sale of the park was finalised early this year the short term residents such as myself were given 60 days’ notice to vacate the property.

I, along with others, felt that this was a more than reasonable time to secure alternate accommodation on the Mildura area. 

The longer term residents were given six months’ notice to vacate.

This, I feel, is more than adequate time to find another property.

I find it very difficult to see how certain people could feel abandoned by the owners or the new owners. 

You cannot leave everything to the last minute and expect something to fall into your lap. 

After all we are all responsible for ourselves. 

Don’t blame others. 

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