LETTER: Rail and the airport can work side-by-side

I SAW the article on the arguments between the need for a train service and the survival of the airport.

The comment about trains not bringing in investors is just ridiculous. If someone wants to invest in the area they will get there regardless.

When you consider the populace of this region and the fact that rail is a much cheaper alternative form of transport, it makes perfectly good sense to re-instate a passenger service.

Living in the outskirts of Sydney’s south-west and the terminus of electric services, an adequate passenger service to areas beyond, which is growing exponentially, is badly needed.

I may be biased as I’m a rail enthusiast, but the question has to be asked; do you bow to the wishes of a few big businesses?

Or do you do what is right and in the best interests of the region?

Mark Aylott,

Rosemeadow NSW

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