LETTER: Rail advocacy isn’t an easy, or short, fight

Unlike the Wikipedia history as presented at the rally Saturday – the truth is that after Independent Russell Savage’s hard work for 10 years for our community and still no train, (though promised to him and us), we had been working closely with Peter Crisp to get our passenger train back since 2007 forming the MPTAG. 

We went to visit all the towns with Peter, met with former Transport Minister Terry Mulder at parliament after being driven down by Peter. 

We went to Swan Hill with Peter to convince them we needed our train. We also did the presentations (with help from Peter) to the feasibility people as well as over 700 submissions and 1000 people rallied to vote unanimously for the return of the train. 

All backed by Peter Crisp.

It has been excellent to have the next train group, the NorthWest Rail Alliance take over and continue the fight lead by a fierce and dedicated Christian Mitchell and others, such as Julie Calaby. One does get tired of fighting. A relief to the old MPTAG members.

I was also most disappointed that Andrew Broad failed to support us this past Saturday. 

I still have all the newspaper clippings of the history of the passenger train in a box as proof that we have been fighting since Russell Savage left us with this unenviable job and the history of the failure of a party (Labor) to keep their promise to a community in dire need. 

Instead the present government in power is happy to pork barrel to win an election yet again blatantly ignoring their documented promise to my community to return our 25-year missing passenger train.

Maria Riedl, 


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