LETTER: Whose gospel are we preaching from PM?

Inspired by our new PM, I’ve just re-read the story of Jesus’s feeding of the 5000 (or maybe 4000, or maybe 5000 men plus women and children – depending on which of the gospels to take as “gospel”).

I couldn’t find any reference, in any of the versions, to excluding gays, or “boat-people”, or sinners, or doubters, or other-believers, or sceptics.

What I saw were words like compassion and concern, and a scrupulous regard for the environment in gathering up all the leftover scraps.

Perhaps instead of strutting the stage like a TV evangelist with a hand-held microphone, and spouting clichés about “Luuuve”, Mr Morrison should dig a little deeper into the religion he claims to espouse. 

Russ Gittins


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