Letters: Secrecy does not belong in politics

TO read that “a secret order of Sunraysia leaders, activists and business elites” have launched a bold campaign... ahead of the state election should have our whole community deeply concerned.

This is not an action of “leaders” but more an action of contempt for our community, if not corruption of our electoral system.

“Secret orders” leading our community; do they wear hoods, do they meet in back alleys, is there secret payments, secret funds, secret promises, how far do the secrets go?

Are we really this desperate in this electorate?

I believe Australians are totally fed up with “secret deals” and “secret societies” running our political system, this sort of behaviour often ends up in front of the courts after all the secret deals have been exposed or leaked when the pact inevitably falls apart.

I will not be supporting a secret society of secret deals nor will I support anyone who would support the same.

If ever we needed honesty and transparency it is now.

Tell us who you are, who is backing you, how much money, what are the deals you have made, please be honest with us?

Why is it that we have so many people in our community that do not have the courage or decency to put their names to what they are doing? Why have we degenerated to this level?

I am happy to stand up for what I believe is right, I don’t expect everyone to agree, but I will not try and hide behind a wall, nom de plume or behind a team of mates, I will put my name to what I do.

Real “leaders” should do the same.

Glenn Milne,

Red Cliffs

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