LETTER: Easy solutions to renew the health of the Darling

The basic facts and solutions on the future of the Menindee Lakes scheme and Lower Darling are simple.

1. All the Darling River needs is water.

2. The Clarence River diversion has been around for over 40 years – we don’t have the population to get it done.

3. Evaporation in the Menindee scheme is no greater than it is in Lake Alexandrina.

4. The Murray Darling Basin Commission’s word – or agreement – stinks, for an environmental flow down the Anabranch every five years; any undertaking made by them will be just as valueless.

5. SA hasn’t done anything to conserve water on the Murray – they have bludged on NSW and Victoria.

6. Tube wells in Sunraysia keep the salt down – so why won’t SA do it?

We have the chairman of the Murray Darling Basin (MDB) Commission spouting that we have to let Murray water out in the sea because of the salt it carries – true, because SA has not taken the effort to take it out with tube wells.

Wentworth Shire Council held a public meeting which was meant to give the public a chance to voice their opinion – one councillor spoke three times, another speaker four.

The six options for the Lower Darling are rubbish, concocted with the encouragement of South Australia and the great financial rip off by the MDB Commission – whose employees have jobs for life, paid for by us, to achieve nothing.

Put water in the Darling, ration SA water from the Murray if they waste it, close the MDB Commission down and use the money to build the Clarence scheme.

Don’t punish people living and gaining their livelihood from the lower Darling.

Bill Wheeldon,

Wentworth councillor

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