LETTER: Alternative land use should be encouraged

It is clear that MOIA land is changing as new greenfield sites are opened to irrigate crops such as over 15,000 acres of almonds. 

MOIA land is being rezoned for residential uses, for industrial uses and other uses. There is not less horticultural land but more being opened up on larger acreages. 

Encouraging areas to remain barren without water (sold off) and irrigation (removed) does not make any land “prime horticultural land” as water is now shifted via pipelines and not via huge irrigation channels thus opening up options. 

To state we must keep the MOIA for irrigation belies this fact. Solar farms do not necessarily remove the ability to farm. 

There is plenty of evidence around the world. So is it true to say we need to move on and accept renewable energy when it is offered or is it still about not in my backyard?

We would welcome a solar farm next to us versus a go-kart racing track any day, for all the obvious beneficial reasons. 

The acceptance of renewable energy sets an example and considers the next generations or is it OK as long as it is not in my backyard?

Maria Riedl,


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