Letter: Issue turns to profit

I AM writing about something that has been bugging me, and poss­ibly others, about the Mildura Base Hospital and Ramsay Health Care group.

Ramsay is an international private health care organisation that owns hospitals in several different countries around the world and is a multi-billion dollar business. But in Mildura, it doesn’t own the hos­pital, but manages it for the Victorian Government using taxpayer dollars issued to it by the government.

Ramsay Healthcare has a $1.2 mil­lion profit target for Mildura Base. How can this be so?

A private company funded by public money targets a profit for its shareholders so the profit goes to the investors and is not ploughed back into the hospital for patient care. 

What started as public funds ends up a private profit and I find this somewhat hard to comprehend. What exactly is in the ­contract between the State Government and Ramsay? 

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