Letter: Younger people are now at greater risk of stroke

THE burden of stroke continues to grow across the world and there is now a worrisome trend of younger people having strokes.

Twenty strokes each day are happening to people of working age, but it does not have to be this way.

Stroke can impact anyone of any age, but the good news is more than 80 percent of strokes may be prevented.

We must act now to reduce our own stroke risk, the powers is ours.

We can make the choice to step up this National Stroke Week and discover how easy it is to fit healthy habits into our daily routine to reduce our stroke risk.

An ageing population and our modern lifestyle is putting us at greater risk of stroke and other chronic disease. As a society, we aren’t getting enough exercise and don’t always make the right decisions regarding what we eat and drink.

Make small changes and stay motivated to reduce your stroke risk. Every step counts towards a healthy life.

Top tips for National Stroke Week: Stay active; eat well; drink alcohol in moderation; quit smoking and make time to see your doctor for a health check.

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