Letters: Horticulture is behind most of our employment

IT’S interesting that some Sunraysia locals are questioning the value of protecting our Mildura Older Irrigation Area (MOIA) land.

I think we really need to think through the implications of eroding the “preserve and protect” aspect of irrigated horticultural land.

If the MOIA protections were removed from Sunraysia this would have major implications for all residents, employers, employees, businesses – now and into the future.

Mildura Council states on its website: “Horticulture underpins the Mildura Rural City’s economy directly with products for the local, national and international markets. It also supports a significant agricultural services industry and food processing, packaging and manufacturing sector that accepts products grown within the city and the wider region.”

If you read the employment section in each Saturday’s Sunraysia Daily you would realise the majority of jobs advertised are either directly or indirectly linked to our horticulture and agriculture sector.

If MOIA was removed and MOIA land was used for other purposes, horticulture and agriculture would be adversely affected, direct and indirect jobs would be jeopardised and the rural/residential landscape as we know it would be changed forever.

Unless the MOIA remains protected and governed by our local council, it remains unknown how changes will affect our economy, our rural/residential landscape, our property values and the way of life we’ve come to enjoy and take for granted.

It’s no wonder the majority of councillors and our three candidates for the upcoming election all support upholding the MOIA.

Sharon Sutherland,


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