Letter: Planners do a good, but not perfect, job

To Birdwoodton person, you have your facts wrong. 

Councillors do not have to vote as per the planners’ recommendations. It is democracy at work. 

They are only planners recommendations and planners do not always make the right decisions is a proven fact. There are plenty of examples of this at VCAT where planning decisions are challenged and then often laid aside. Have a closer look at planning and how it works please. 

Councillors have a right to deny planning permits based on their own individual interpretation of the facts. We all know that facts can and are distorted to fit vested interests. In this case by objectors to solar farms who presented only one side and used non-planning excuses such as views, lifestyle and “not in my backyard” and others to influence councillors decisions. 

It was misleading by omitting examples around the world where agri-solar is alive and thriving. We would certainly welcome an agri-solar farm next to us: no chemicals, no excessive noise, good for cutting greenhouse gases emissions, can be buffered with plantings, and uses little water in a drying climate and importantly solar farms do not exclude farming

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