Letter:Three councillors ignored planners

AFTER the solar development decision, I ask councillors Milne, Poole and Brown why the council bothers having a planning department whose staff are educated and knowledgeable in their field? 

Why have all these planning documents, rules and regulations, set by a higher authority, when those councillors hold both them and the Birdwoodton community in contempt?

Do they have the knowledge and education required to override their planning department’s recommendations? Did they even bother to read the recommend­ations and the reasons? 

Would they rather be seen to be “progressive” without even looking into the problems that may arise from the proposed solar development? 

Are the residents’ concerns, which they supposedly represent, of no importance to them? 

We may be, as Cr Milne said, “whingers” but if our lives, the lives of our children, our pets and our livelihoods could be impacted, then surely there is cause for concern.

Solar panels do not feed people and these installations would not employ many people after initial setup. 

The lies and misinformation surrounding this proposal are there for all to see if they bother to read the associated paperwork instead of listening to the spin doctors.

I’m not against solar, just for an appropriate location.

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