Letter: Votes on what you have done, not what you will

You can always tell when an election is imminent, people you haven’t seen for ages are ever present. 

I would like to issue a challenge for the potential politicians: don’t bother promising what you will do but rather tell us what you have 

already achieved by your own efforts to make our community a better place.

As to Mildura Base Hospital constantly getting knocked: it is and always has been too small and we need a proper public hospital not built on or near a tip. 

Staff must be demoralised at all the negative comments most of which are true but they soldier on each day trying to give superior 

service from inferior premises.

I would like to thank staff for their commitment with very special thanks to Tania, Kerry and Julie for giving an excellent service in the wound clinic under very difficult and unpleasant working conditions.

Are any candidates going to focus on improving the hospital and in particular mental health services for emergency workers?

Eileen Pica


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