LETTER: My Health Record a need for the elderly

As a 78-year-old I certainly want my health records freely available, if I have a medical emergency particularly if I am unable to communicate.

I am concerned about what I see as an overreaction to the possibility of personal health records being obtained by unauthorised persons.

I would much prefer that my personal health records be at risk of being made public without my authorisation, than a medical person not being able to get my records in an emergency because of unnecessary red tape.

We live in a world where massive data banks are a reality and it is not uncommon that these data banks’ security arrangements have been breached, no matter how much effort has been put into their defences.

Such a data bank as the “My Health Record System” has very significant value for research and the planning of a much better health system that we will all benefit from.

 All good management constantly revues their methodology, seeks to remedy shortcomings and adopt improvements.

Those who are egging on the “nervous nellies” in our society need to carefully consider what they are doing.

Lindsay Leake,


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