LETTER: Farming a staple part of Australia’s way of life

WITH regard to “Fed Up” in the texts to the editor (Sunraysia Daily 7/8/18) having a go at our farmers and saying that he/she has heard enough from these “whingers” as they referred to them, what planet are you from? 

It is quite obvious that you are not from a rural background. 

If the farmers go bust where will your next leg of lamb come from? There would be no more chops and snags on the barbie as there would be no meat, no beer either as there would be no barley, oats, hops etc. 

Grow up. And think before you have a go at a very hard-working part of our community both here and Australia-wide.

Also, what the Federal Government has done with the $190 million to assist farmers is a drop in the ocean compared to all the money/taxes the government has collected from farmers over the years. What the government should do is stop all overseas aid and give it to our farmers until this crisis is over and get rid of the apparent 100 pages of paperwork they have to fill out to access any government financial help.

Patrick Nunan, 


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