LETTER: The reality of a farmer’s life is tough to swallow

In response to the text the editor from “Fed Up”, are you one of the folk that believes a farmer should have a year or two funding in hand to get by in bad years? Do you have a year’s salary in the bank just in case?

Have you any idea where your food comes from? Meat, veggies and fruit are actually grown and produced by farmers, yes that’s right, not the supermarket.

If you had any idea how much debt most farmers carry for their entire working life you may think a little differently. To farmers, their work is a commitment to a lifestyle producing food for the likes of you and many other normal people at great personal cost at times.

They need reliable vehicles as they are quite remote a lot of the time and like everyone else they pay them off just like you.

Remember suicide rates in the rural sector are a lot higher than other areas for many reasons that I believe you would not understand. So try supporting your farmers instead of throwing negative comments.

I hope you get up everyday and go to work as hard as our farmers do. 

Phil Bellinger,


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