Down the years: International trade affects Australian business owners

100 years ago

The entire 1943 tea crop – amounting to 700 million tons of tea – was purchased by England’s Minister of Food, Lord Frederick James Marquis, 1st of Earl of Woolton.

The entire 1943 tea crop – amounting to 700 million tons of tea – was purchased by England’s Minister of Food, Lord Frederick James Marquis, 1st of Earl of Woolton.

LOCAL NEWS: One novel competition arranged with the High School Fete is the hiding of a 5 pound note at the Olympia Theatre today. All are invited to join the hunt, the price of admission is one shilling — the lucky finder pockets the Fiver. A peek into the Shire Hall rooms showed dozens of bunches of Mr Lloyd’s violets that were to be later sold for 1/-. Mrs Walker, secretary of the Purple Cross, was busy with her paperwork and nearby were decorated small tables spread with dainty white tea cloths and dainty china, also some extra ruby-red rhubarb grown in Mrs Izard’s kitchen garden was for sale. A memorial service for Pte E.R.C. Adams is to be held at St Margaret’s on Sunday morning — soldiers are requested to attend in uniform. (7.8.1918)

WAR NEWS: Lt P. Malloch writes he is taking a seven-week infantry course at the No. 3 School, Candahar, Tidsworth, England along with 80 other Australian officers — he has met some Light Horse reinforcements. A letter from Pte A. J. Steven, stated that Pte D. Morrison, who was a member of the Sandilong Tennis Club and Irymple Soccer Club,was killed in France, he came to Irymple from Scotland, also killed were Jim and Bob Campbell. Mr and Mrs Corbould have Pte Rogers from England staying with them, later he will visit other families, he has no friends or family in Australia — he is here for his health. The Captain and 15 men are missing but 30 survivors from the Jennings, which was submarined off the Virginia Coast reached Norfolk. There were 600 names published in the American casualty list today, the largest since America entered the war. Cologne declared that 10 airmen dropped 28 bombs on Duren, while Allied aircraft bombed Treves. Three German batteries are still pecking at our new front line with field-guns near Moriancourt. So far we have captured 50 machine guns, 3 officers and 150 German soldiers. (10.8.1918)

WORKS: A. D .Thompson said that the Council's teams are making good progress with the gravelling of 17th Street. The traction engine is carting stone to Langtree Avenue. Single teams are making up footpaths, mainly in Williamstown. Messrs Whitney and McMahon are engaged on formation work at Merbein. New bridges have been placed over the channel on 20th Street and on 17th Street at the Flume and in Walnut Avenue near “Eden Park”, a new bridge is required on Irymple Avenue near Pennifold’s. Culverts on the Lake channel will be attended to after the watering, tenders for the Country Roads Board Work from 17th Street to Merbein will be invited when plans are drawn up. A returned soldier (F. O’Neill) has started work at the Cemetery by planting 100 Wattle trees, fencing etc is to be done later. A site has been surveyed for a cemetery at Carwarp. (10.8.1918)

75 years ago

ACTIVITIES: The Red Cliffs Golf Club recently conducted its annual competitions for the first and second AIF golf cups at the Mildura links. The course was in ideal condition and an enjoyable day was spent by over 50 diggers, serving members of the AIF competing for the cup donated by the Red Cliffs Hotel with first to Capt. Furner and a tie for 2nd between T. Holmes and J. Cornell. The fact that many members of the Merbein Red Cross had to engage in seasonal work meant that the output of knitted items had not been as great as usual also wool could only be supplied for the knitting of cardigans, pullovers and gloves might have frightened off some less experienced knitters, 351 articles were forwarded to the Red Cross. (9.8.1943)

COURT: Considerable interest was shown by many in the Ballarat Court at the machine being operated by a woman sitting near the Judge. Inquiries revealed it was a shorthand machine, which has 22 keys and somewhat resembles an adding machine. The keys operate letters and numbers and combinations of letters give additional letters- these are printed out on a long roll of paper. In theory it can be learnt in three months, usually with a speed of 75 to 100 words a minute. Mr Justice Ramsay in a Sydney Court said the idea that a woman, simply because of their sex, should never be ordered to pay the costs of an undefended suit against them seemed to be entirely out of date. He ruled against Mrs Lawless stating “Why should a woman who treats her marriage as a temporary convenience and has no defence to the charge against her, be treated differently as regards costs from a man in the same position,” she had refused to obey the order to return to her husband and was then ordered to pay his costs. (9.8.1943)

NEWS: The entire 1943 tea crop amounting to 700 million tons of tea has been purchased by the Ministry of Food, Lord Woolton, Britain. Greengrocers in Melbourne said that selling root vegetables by weight was a nuisance and people not only got a fairer deal by the old system, they were often in a rush and walked out without purchasing anything and growers got stuck with small vegetables. Having regard to the size of Australia’s 12,000 miles of coastline, it is very evident that considerable risks are being taken at present with the security of the country. The return of the available AIF from abroad, some 100,000 trained and war-experienced troops, complete with war equipment and trained staff, would double our security we need the troops for Malaya. The 9th division and remaining AIF in the Middle East are to be recalled. (12.8.1943)

50 years ago

HISTORY: Keeping up the book record of Rotary at Merbein this year is Mr J. Chislett, the club has erected seating, shelters, planted trees to beautify the cliff area outlook and instrumental in the formation of the Merbein Senior Citizens Club. They are now having a scrap metal drive, Mr G. Lemon is the contact for that. Mildura businessman, Mr A. O’Connor has become the proud owner of a rare vintage car, a Belgium made Minerva Six Sports, believed to be a 1918 model which has been standing in a bough shed on a NSW. sheep station for over 50 years saving it from its grave. It cost 3350 pounds new and was 500 pounds more than a new Rolls Royce. The car has done only 5000 miles and the only thing that needs replacing is the wooden coach work. (7.8.1968)

BRONTES: The three sisters all died tragically young — none attaining 40 years. The father Patrick Bronte was a parson in Haworth, an eccentric man who fed his family on potatoes without meat to make them hardy, and would burn their clothes if he thought them too smart. They read all they could, roamed the wild moors, invented the kingdoms of Angria and Gondol, they tried to take jobs as teachers or governesses and tried to set up a school at the parsonage and wrote a joint book of poems under the names of Currer, Ellis and Acton Bell (using their initials) and sold only two copies. Then Charlotte wrote “Jane Eyre”, Anne “Agnes Grey” and Emily “Wuthering Heights”. Their brother Bramwell died from the effects of his wild life, Emily caught a cold at his funeral, which led to consumption and refusing all medicine till she was dying, she died suffering two months later. (7.8.1968)

HIGHLIGHTS: The Transport Regulation Board will take evidence tomorrow at Ouyen from nine applicants to conduct a passenger bus service between Ouyen and Pinnaroo to replace the rail service which is to be discontinued. Mr H. C. Wilson “Mr Music” who taught music to hundreds of Sunraysia children died. He, by and old English title, was entitled to be called Sir Herbert — he also played for dances at the Town Hall, Mildura during the war. The Mildura electrical engineering firm, Auto Replacements, has rewound a 275hp motor for the Mildura Urban Water Trust — and re-installed it. To overcome market gluts or awaiting better prices for their products, many market gardeners and orchardists are installing their own cool rooms that use a 15hp motor to keep a room at 40 degrees. (8.8.1968)

25 years ago

COLUMN 10: A bride and groom exchanged vows, rings and finally punches after getting into a fight over the tradition of cramming the wedding cake into the face of one’s beloved. They were arrested at their Connecticut, USA reception for disturbing the peace. The bride said she told him he was feeding her too roughly, after she had asked him to take it easy, then she responded in kind. (5.8.1993)

SKILLS: The Ambulance life-saving skills were on display in the annual State challenge with five Victorian teams and the South Australian champions competing to show their skills in driving, resuscitation and injury treatment — the Traralgon team were the winners. The Merbein Secondary School had its open night, it was buzzing with activity as teachers and students demonstrated cooking, sewing, computer skills, and other technical and academic subjects. The principal Ian Horbury, said it showed potential students and parents a chance to look inside and see what was available and that he could not remember a time when school spirit was so good. (7.8.1993).

PEOPLE: Irymple's John Horvat, who migrated from Yugoslavia in 1933, proudly shows off his skills with metal objects — most locals know his front fence of metal wheels. With high hopes and ready to compete in the South Australian road race around the “Whispering Wall” circuit near Williamstown are Peter and Michael Murdoch, Cardross and John Pollock of Red Cliffs. “Auntie” Alice Aldous was shown at a sparkling occasion celebrating her notching a “ton”, her 100th birthday. Mildura brothers, Roger, 14, and Kingsley Hancock, 15, are pictured wearing the sashes they won by taking out several awards in the Poultry and Pigeon Fancier’s club show. Entertainer Frank Virgona sang up a storm at the Senior Citizens’ concert, which was its 12th year of the event, at the Wentworth Services Club. (7/11.8.1993)

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