LETTER: Homlessness is a growing problem

HOMELESSNESS Week (August 6-12) is an annual week of action to help the community understand the causes of homelessness, and the solutions.

Homelessness isn’t just a city problem, government data reveals that last financial year, 109,900 Victorians sought help from homelessness services, with the vast majority of them seeking help from services in suburban and regional areas, shattering the misconception that homelessness is a “city problem”.

The number of Victorians seeking help from homelessness organisations has risen 19 per cent rise over four years.

One in 55 Victorians now seek homelessness assistance, with a quarter turned away due to lack of housing, staff and resources.

Homelessness is not unique to the inner city.

In suburbs and regional areas, people are more likely to be couch surfing, living in rooming houses and severely overcrowded houses, but homelessness is traumatic and damaging no matter what form it takes.

With social housing having dropped to historic lows in Victoria, there is no safety net for people on low incomes.

CHP is encouraging people to call on political leaders to take action as part of the Everybody’s Home campaign by signing the petition to end homelessness at www.everybodyshome.com.au/sign-petition-to-end-homelessness.

Jenny Smith,

Council to Homeless Persons CEO

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