LETTER: Solutions needed for our energy output

AUSTRALIA urgently needs a credible plan to replace its ageing, inefficient and polluting coal-fleet, with the owners of several major stations announcing that they will close within 15 years.

The latest Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO) report confirms renewable energy and storage along with other solutions such as demand response, are the lowest cost solution to replace these ageing coal stations. 

Australian coal power stations are reaching the end of their lives and serious plans are needed to replace them, before they fail.

Expensive repairs or upgrades for these old clunkers just delays the inevitable and risks catastrophic failures.

These old clunkers are slow to turn on and frequently break down, especially during extreme weather events such as heatwaves.

In fact, over the 2017-18 summer Australia’s coal and gas fleet failed and tripped more than 40 times alone. 

Renewable energy from wind and solar farms are already available, are the cheapest form of new power generation and coupled with storage, are best suited to replace old polluting coal.

Coal may have served Australia well last century, but this century, we need power without greenhouse gas pollution to tackle climate change.

Professor Andrew Stock, Climate Council energy sector expert

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