LETTER: Future ready? Carbon emissions are everywhere

HAS Maria Riedl (Sunraysia Daily, July 16) considered the greenhouse gases generated by a fumes-belching 123-tonne locomotive hauling passenger carriages containing a questionable number of paying customers, compared to a motor sport complex that would attract many thousands more visitors paying big money to be entertained by a variety of motor racing disciplines, and then spend more money in the city?

Motor racing is the basis of many automotive innovations that have vastly improved vehicle safety and fuel efficiency,

Porsche’s commitment to electrification of 50 per cent of car sales by 2025, as an example, race cars included.

Even as far back as 1961, the tiny town of Mallala north of Adelaide attracted 15,000 spectators to it’s first motor race meeting, so with the extra types of competition now occurring here, Mildura has the perfect opportunity.

No need to mention the contribution local car and motorcycle racing heroes have made to boost Mildura’s name nationally.

Colin McKenzie,


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