LETTER: Sport loses when ethics overtaken

Professional sport has become a distorted form of physical activity controlled by the power elite and shaped by the needs of corporate logic.

As part of the entertainment industry, sport has become commodified, commercialised and spectacularised. In this heady ideological mix, athletes are encouraged and even expected to use any means to obtain a win at all costs.

Sports organisations must ­focus on encouraging values-led behaviour in their athletes following the Australian cricketers’ ball-

tampering episode in South Africa. 

It’s important to assess the behaviours required to achieve performance and outcome goals and make certain a win-at-all-costs mentality doesn’t trump ethical and value-based practices.

Enable discussions on values and ethics so that they thrive in our organisations. Encourage staff to ask questions of others when a values dilemma presents itself. 

Sandy Gordon, 

Sports psychologist

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