LETTER: Misinformation no help in rates debate

IT seems Ian Hastings (Sunraysia Daily, July 9) now admits he got the rate rise wrong but then tries to justify his ignorance with a claim that the rates have been manipulated to bring them under the cap. 

If Mr Hastings is to represent farmers, then he really needs to do his homework so he at least understands the rating system – making misinformed claim after misinformed claim doesn’t help anyone. 

Rates are about land values and, if your land goes up in price, your rates go up – it’s very simple. 

Mr Hastings should take the time to learn how it works before abusing people for doing the job they are required to do by the legislation they operate under. 

It may also interest him to know that there are many people who work for this community as volunteers, maintaining all sorts of services – not just the farmers.

We are all in this community together and all have to obey some rules that we don’t like, but most do it quietly.

Glenn Milne, 

Mildura councillor

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