LETTER: A piece of fruit a day goes a long way here

WIt is well and truly that time of year again; where our car windscreens have a layer of ice in the mornings and our noses are running like a tap, so it seems only fitting that I remind the people of the Wimmera, Mallee and Mildura regions about the flu-fighting abilities of our home grown fresh fruit.

For just a few dollars or from your backyard for free (if you’re lucky!), grab a piece of fruit a day and let it work its magic.

We are lucky enough to call one of Australia’s most vibrant citrus growing regions our home, and I encourage locals to take advantage of that this winter and any time of the year with colourful fresh fruit.

From oranges to lemons it is mostly our bright coloured fruits that contain essential nutrients for our health, including vitamin C which has the ability to build our immune system to fight cold and flu.

So where you can, shop local and support local growers by buying some fresh Mallee made fruit this winter.

Andrew Broad, 

Member for Mallee

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