VIDEO: Dami Im finds her Sunraysia army at Coomealla High School

THE extraordinary voice of Dami Im was just one of the musical gifts the students at Coomealla High School were treated to Wednesday.

The 2013 X Factor winner performed an exclusive concert, and presented the school with $45,000 worth of Yamaha instruments and musical equipment, following its win of the 2018 Yamaha Great Start Grant.

“Music enriches your life so much, (the prize) will give the kids an opportunity to get a taste of it,” Im said.

“Some of them will be able to really find their voice and use it for the rest of their lives.”

Im said music had always played a big part in her life.

“Sometimes you can’t express yourself through words, music is a universal language. It’s something that understands you and you understand it,” she explained.

“It keeps you company and whether you are having a tough or joyful time it makes your life better.

“I hope they get that opportunity to experience the joy of music.”

Im performed her greatest hits, including Sound of Silence which had her place second at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2016 and her X Factor-winning single Alive, as part of her afternoon concert.

“Everyone was super excited, our attendance was at almost 100 per cent. No one wanted to miss the performance,” Coomealla High School principal Stephen Harper said.

“The opportunity for the kids to see someone of Dami Im’s calibre is something many wouldn’t have done before.”

Mr Harper said the students and staff were quick to give the new instruments a try.

“The piano is just incredible, it’s really amazing,” he said.

Year 8 student Leah Harry admits she was part of the “Dami Army”.

“I watched all of X Factor so as soon as it was announced (that Dami Im was coming) everyone was really excited,” she said.