LETTER: Victoria’s rail revival on fast track to failure

Rail Revival Alliance Victoria (RRAV) has been trying to get the message to the politicians and bureaucrats for over 18 months that the way that Murray Basin Rail upgrade was planning and executed that it was destined for failure.

The RRAV emailed and met with various government committees and politicians expressing our grave concerns about the way the project was being constructed and the expense of public money.

Transport Minister Jacinta Allan backed the Murray Basin Pail Project in its current form and that has led to a project debacle and failure of significant proportions.

• Only one train can be on the line between Ararat and Mildura at any one time because they have pulled out all of the crossing loops and yards along the track.

• The rebuilt section of the line between Maryborough and Ararat is not completed.

• The triangle which is an important piece of infrastructure at Ararat has not been constructed to enable the Maryborough Line direct access to the Melbourne and Portland lines,

• Maryborough and Dunolly yards are ripped up and out of service and there seems to be no plan for their reinstatement.

• The modern safe working system planned is not operational.

• No work has occurred on the Sea Lake, Manangatang and Murrayville lines for their conversion to standard gauge.

• The status of the Maryborough – Ballarat dual gauge line remain up in the air.

• The future of the Ballarat upgrades with Murray Basin are in limbo. 

Minister Allan seems incapable of dealing with this crisis.  

Noel Laidlaw, 

RRAV president

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