LETTER: Trump and Jong-un the answer to world peace

The Deal of the Century? Get real!

It would be lovely to think that the world has been saved, but what was really achieved by the 45-minute ‘summit’ between the US and North Korea? 

We saw a well-stage-managed reality show for TV and social media: an exotic tropical island; an impressive, flag-decorated set: lots of forced smiles and hand-shakes for the cameras; effusive mutual praise (which rang a little hollow after a year or two of twittering insults); and the flamboyant signing of a document so vague that either party at any time can interpret it however it wants.

So who got what out of it?

For Trump: it was a chance to stroke his gigantic ego by posing as the Great Peacemaker (and hopefully, as he and his entourage hinted, help North Korea’s failed economy by developing a couple of luxury golf clubs and perhaps a Trump Tower or two).

For Kim: it gave a kind of international legitimacy to his dictatorial dynasty – a tacit acceptance of his imprisonment, murder, and other human rights atrocities against 100,000+ political prisoners, many of whom are no more than relatives of people whose crimes include falling asleep during a political speech.

 Some 80 years ago political leaders met in another place with another tin-pot dictator and came way waving a document for the cameras which guaranteed ‘Peace in our Time’.

That worked out well, too, didn’t it?

Russ Gittins, 


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