LETTER: Getting to the bottom of our bacon debacle

It was mid-morning on a rather dismal Saturday morning, when we made our way to the much flaunted new look, riverfront market. 

 The market was an immediate feast for the eyes, old stalls, new stalls, all combined and delivering a great assortment of wares for sale, local produce, crafts of all varieties, fruits and vegetables in abundance to whet the home chefs appetite. 

Wafting over the market was the teasing aroma of a freshly cooked Aussie breakfast, the aroma was breathtaking, and we followed the aroma to its source, the Aussie breakfast stand at one end of the market. 

Two long queues posed no problem, my taste-buds were in overdrive with the smell of eggs, and bacon. Allow me to shudder with what happened next, the two long queues were enjoying amicable conversation, then it happened loud and clear and resonated throughout the crowd, “Sorry we are all out of bacon”.

The crowd went silent, people were looking at each other in bewilderment, this can’t be happening, “OUT OF BACON”.

I slowly stepped out of the queue and was followed by many others, dismay and shock on all the faces.

We wound our way back through the market to our car, taking in the sights of those lucky patrons who were fortunate to rise early, dining on mouthwatering bacon and eggs for breakfast. 

The market lost some ambiance, how could this have been allowed to happen? Our Mildura market riverside Aussie breakfast, unbelievable. 

I drove home with a feeling of being cheated. Never should it ever be allowed to happen again in Mildura.

Alas the poor bacon, I yearned him well.

Ian Felton, 


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