LETTER: Religion not the answer when helping kids

I STRONGLY object to Arnold Jago’s assertion that there is a God in his letter “Religion should not be ignored in schools” (SD June 11).

You can’t stop people being religious and as my personal philosophy is that I do not tell people what to believe, I do not tell people how to live their lives. I do tell people what I think, but it is their problem whether they agree with me or not.

 I am a strong believer in the “fair go principle” and I was brought up to believe that it is more important to serve the community than yourself.

 While I was not a thorough student of the Bible when I was “sent” to Sunday School I do seem to recall that Jesus was in favour of getting a fair go for the then down trodden and seemed to get up the nose of the religious establishment of the time, so much so, that they went to the civil power and got the troublesome stirrer nailed to a cross as a warning to all those other trouble makers who questioned their authority.

 I say we need substantial support in schools so that troubled students (and others) can get appropriate support.

Lindsay Leake, 


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