LETTER: Only call 000 when there is an emergency

VICTORIANS need to make the right call this winter.

Keep the 000 service free this winter for genuine emergencies and people in need.

Peak demand in winter can stretch emergency services, as hospitals and medical staff brace for another busy flu season.

 ESTA answers on average more than 6900 calls for help per day, representing a call every 12 seconds.

People shouldn’t be discouraged from calling 000 but to ensure that they are only calling if they genuinely need an ambulance.

Calling 000 when there is no emergency puts lives at risk because it may delay help to someone in genuine need.

An emergency is a serious, unexpected and often dangerous situation that requires immediate action.

This includes danger to life, health or property.

 Some examples of an emergency include difficulty breathing, severe bleeding or a suspected stroke.

Tim Madigan,

Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority

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