No excuse stands for assaulting a paramedic

I AM writing as an appalled citizen after the decision for the two females to be released with no sentence time after assaulting a paramedic.

I read this sentence that shook me saying: “Under Victorian law, anyone who intentionally injures an emergency worker must be imprisoned for at least six months, unless there are special circumstances.”

Now, these two females that assaulted paramedic Paul Judd got released due to “their difficult childhoods and young families”.

This is absolutely disgusting. I was abused as a child, but does that give me the excuse to bash and terrorise a paramedic or any emergency services worker? Hell no! Since when is ‘highly intoxicated’ a special circumstance?

Paramedic Paul Judd no doubt has a family of his own.

This assault stopped him from performing the work he loved to do and will probably affect him in future also.

This incident is every emergency services worker and their families’ worst nightmare.

I am the young sister of a Victorian MICA paramedic and I pray that I never get the call to say “your sister has been wounded” or “your sister has been attacked”.

I am sure her husband and two young sons say the same.

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