Truth is people want the train to Mildura back

Glenn Milne, we're grateful for your support, however, on this one, you're incorrect.

The passenger rail conversation has actually been happening for many years.

Ask Peter Crisp, MP. The old MPTAG met in his office. Ask the community. 

Since 2014, we have been banging our drum. It is partly because of the work of the former MPTAG, of which Maria [who you refer to as incorrect in this letter] was a part, and now NWRA, that the conversation is happening now, and has been happening for many, many years. What we're seeing now is an amplification. 

It's time you acknowledged that. NWRA thinks that it is actually quite insulting to think the passenger rail conversation is only happening because of the current standardisation upgrade.

Christian Mitchell, 

NorthWest Rail Alliance  president

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