Stroke victims need more funding for care

THE Stroke Foundation has welcomed the Federal Government's 2018 budget record investment in health and calls for a targeted focus on support for Australians to avoid and recover from stroke.

The government's commitment to essential services provided reassurance, but for the Australians who will suffer more than 56,000 strokes this year and their families, more is needed.

Currently, there is no guarantee all Australians will have access to the best practice stroke care we know saves lives.

In fact we know many will not. Regional Australians are among those most impacted.

Research shows regional Australians were 19 per cent more likely to have a stroke than their metropolitan counterparts.

Regional Australians are also more likely to die from a stroke or be left with an ongoing disability simply because they do not have access to specialist stroke treatment and care.

Too many Australians are dying or being left with an ongoing disability as a result of stroke.

Patient outcomes vary depending on where you live and your access to time-critical treatment. This needs to change.

Sharon McGowan,

Stroke Foundation CEO

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