Australia’s war history needs to be continued

IN this final year of the Centenary of the Great War, I would like all Australians to help primary school students truly engage in the stories and lessons we share with them about our proud military history.

Bears to School is about sharing history with our youngest in a way that respects their tender ages so they can better relate to the lessons and events of the centenary, and can better understand and connect to commemorations such as Anzac Day and Remembrance Day.

I am asking people to buy a Great War bear at and select a primary school to donate it to. It could be the school their children go to, the school they went to or just the school that is part of their community.

The bears are sent directly to the chosen school and in the hands of our teachers, will change the way children connect to history. 

 Each bear comes with a story card for students to learn a little about the service or campaign represented by that particular bear. 

How they use the bears in their classes and schools will be up to them, but I am certain each bear will truly help students.

 I would like this initiative to help children understand the history of Australia at war is not about battles, dates or fighting or dying. It is about ordinary people who, for more than 100 years, have served to protect this great country.

We all believe that by helping children grow up with an understanding of the past we will give them a greater appreciation of those who continue the tradition of service for our country.

Keith Payne,

 Bears to School national ambassador

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