LETTER: Victorians need to take back their national game

Jason Shields is to be congratulated on his editorial article in the Sunraysia Daily (Saturday, April 14) in regard to the State Government’s funding AFL mega stadium deal rhetoric.

Anybody who believes that money will come back to grass roots football has to be naïve. It has never happened in the past and won’t happen in the future.

Mr Shields’ example of Geelong Council and the Geelong Football Club is a perfect example of where money will be spent in the future. One guess? 

Mildura? Well you can forget about us. Mayor Eckel has played a straight bat and rightly so as he cannot go canning the State Government, the Richmond Football Club and any other group that may be involved in the Sixteenth Street precinct. He has to get behind every ball bowled at him and fend it away.

As it happened Cricket Australia came out with a motherhood statement after the announcement of the new TV rights. Once again grass roots sports received a mention, but like the State Government and their bed fellow the AFL, nothing will happen in our areas.

I am a firm believer that people in power in sport have never heard of Mildura and Sunraysia. As for financial support for all our sports, forget it – it just won’t happen.

Maybe it is time for the people of Victoria to stand up for their rights when it comes to our national game. After all, it doesn’t just belong to the big cities.

Perhaps we need a campaign similar to “up yours Oakley”. After all it did bring the Doggies a premiership within 20 years.

Bob Utber, 


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