Change in values system could not be all that bad

Hungary’s prime minister, Viktor Orban, has been re-elected again.

Another big majority – 134 parliamentary seats out of 199.

Orban is controversial for his tough border protection policies – defying the EU and pro-refugee “charities” who would impose an inflow of Muslims into Hungary.

Orban’s aim, however, is to retain Hungary’s Christian culture – and what he describes as an “illiberal” state.

Perhaps the importance of these political facts can be over-estimated.

Doesn’t a nation’s culture ultimately depend more on individual and family attitudes than on governments?

If it focuses on its job properly, the church might perhaps wield more influence than politicians.

Australia could learn from all this.

Our politics today seems like a rather acrimonious game of “liberal” musical-chairs.

We must deserve it.

Arnold Jago, 

Nichols Point

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