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Former Mildura man Mark LeBusque has forged a career by taking the 'robotics' out of the workplace.

Former Mildura man Mark LeBusque has forged a career by taking the 'robotics' out of the workplace.

FORMER Mildura resident Mark LeBusque has developed a simple yet effective formula that is transforming workplaces and has managers across the world seeking his services. 

After growing up in Mildura Mr LeBusque always had an interest in educating others and, following high school, made the move to Ballarat to enrol in teachers college. 

However after leaving his studies, he began working in transport and logistics, eventually securing senior management roles in sales and human resources. 

It is in those corporate positions he realised something was missing when it came to the way managers interacted with their staff. 

The overarching theme was that workplaces were missing that “human element” and instead work environments and dealings with employees were very robotic. 

Four years ago he started his own consultancy company which provided a platform to develop his Human Manager Program which he now delivers across Australia, the US and Canada. 

“My work is about getting these managers to first look at themselves to see why things aren’t working instead of pointing fingers and putting the blame on others,” Mr LeBusque said. 

“It’s about really getting to know your people before worrying about how many deals they’re doing or how they’re performing in their job. 

“It’s knowing the person, what makes them tick, and knowing them outside their work role, whether it be about family, hobbies, history, and getting them to build a more human and personal connection with their people which will get them to be more engaged in their work.” 

His program led him to write the book Being Human: Why Robotics Are Not The Answer to Business Success which was snapped up across 17 countries.

Next month Mr LeBusque will return to Mildura to deliver a two-day seminar based on practices in his book. 

“I love the area, it’s shaped me up to what I am today and I’m grateful for that,” he said.

“I truly believe there’s not enough leadership and management development done in regional areas. 

“I still feel like a country boy and I’m really passionate about bringing this sort of work into my home town. 

“We don’t tend to bring this sort of work to the people, we usually expect they have to come to us, so I’d like to turn that around.” 

Places are still open in the seven step Human Manager Program which will be held in Mildura on Thursday, May 17, and Friday, May 18.

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