LETTER: Lack of interest and money from politicians

REGIONAL Victoria should be where population and jobs are spread statewide now. The state is small enough that it should be linked with a high speed, quality rail service around the state that would have spread population.

Sadly, and with a lack of vision and lot of incompetence, politicians closed rail links and damaged regions. Politicians of the past 40 years failed to have a broad vision for the state and they created a monster called Melbourne that chews most of the state’s billions of dollars in infrastructure funds on tunnels and ring roads and bridges that do not keep up with the chaos and congestion problems.

Sydney is the same monster and we all pay for costs.

There needs to be a shift in how money is spent and make regions part of a state. Ways to get people out of the city must be explored and companies and offices moved inland. City costs and needs in infrastructure must be paid for by city residents in a hefty levy to free up funds for much required regional needs.

It is time elected reps were far more vocal for regional needs and growth and not just a vote with the city MPs. A regional MPs vote needs to be of far more importance and regions need something in return for it. 

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